Don’t worry about the shipping , it’s much safer than before.

Usually there are 2 shipping companies that ship your watches, a chinese shipping company ship to your country and the local shipping company deliver to you.

You can track your order on

For USA and Canada, you can select the carrier as LTEXP to check the tracking in China. When it arrives in USPS/CanadaPost, you can track ny them as well.

For many other countries in Europe, we did triangle shipping via Germany. DHL Paket will deliver to you after the package arrives in Germany, then you can track by DHL.

The shiping company don’t provide tracking in Chian now. UK and France are the same.

For UK, the Royal Mail tracking will update when it arrives in UK

For France, the La Post racking will update when it arrives in UK

For some countries as Australia, Israel,South Africa,UAE,shipping company will updated a new tracking code in 4 days . I’ll send to you when I get it.

For some countries, EMS or PostNL are the only safe way, it probably takes longer, don’t worry, just wait for update.

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