Ordering Guide

Hello everyone, this is Eric.

For you to buy your favorite watch more conveniently and quickly, here is the ordering guide.

Ordering Process

1. Confirm the models and amount

You can order directly on the website, and the system will automatically send email to you. If you don’t receive it, please check spam folder or contact me directly

There’re too many models, we haven’t uploaded all of them. If you can’t find your prefered watch, please send massages to my WhatsApp or email.

2. Payment

I tried the process ‘pay after QC’ before, but too many people stopped responding after I sent QC pictures, wasting a lot of time.

If you want to pay after QC, you can pay USD50 as the deposit.


QC pictures usually takes more than 1 week at present. Many factories got raided. It takes much longer than before.

Feel free to ask me to replace it with a new one if there’s any dissatisfaction.


After you confirm the QC and I have received payment, I will send it to you as soon as possible, usually send tracking info within 1-2 days. If the timeout is not sent, please remind me.

Please fill in the full address, name, telephone number and zip code of the country.

Payment method

As China’s financial regulation is becoming more and more severe, many payment methods are no longer feasible. I hope you understand.

Transferwise, bank transfer and Bitcoin are the best for me.

In order to facilitate you, I have opened several accounts in the United States and Europe. Most countries around the world can transfer them through wire transfer. Some APP supporting wire transfer, such as Revolut, can also transfer to this account.

If it dosen’t work, we can try PayPal Family and Friends.

Shipping Methods

We will choose the safest and fastest transportation mode at present, such as Haiguan fastener, and we will send you a new one.

The most popular one we use is 4PX, which is stable and fast, and is available in most parts of the world.

DHL can be used in some regions. Currently, DHL is too long to be used as the preferred.

If both DHL and 4PX are not available in your area, we will use EMS or postnl

Track the shipping

Most tracking info takes 1-2 days to update. DHL updates slowly and sometimes DHL will provide a new number to track the package. If you still can’t get tracking info update after 5 days, please contact me,I’ll check it with the express company

You can be at 17track.net , enter the tracking number and select the corresponding carrier. Most of the numbers are under the barcode. Here are some examples.



There are many types of 4PX documents, and each country has different formats. The following are common regional examples.

United Kingdom

U.S.A, the USPS code will be availabele when it arrives in USA


We are updating product images and information, and many models are not listed yet. If you cannot find the model you want, please contact us directly.



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